Meet Taylor...Taylor is a recent graduate of Clemson University.  She started with SCVC as an ATEC student in high school and she will attend vet school in the fall at the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine.  

Taylor's love of animals first started with the Pit Bull breed and her desire to stand up for the well-being of all creatures inspired her to pursue a career in the veterinary field.  When she receives her degree, she would like to work with horses and other large breed animals.   

She loves all outdoor activities, especially going to the lake and hiking.  Taylor has a pit bull, a lab mix, and fish but dreams of owning a bearded dragon.  Fun fact- she is a Type 7 on the Enneagram scale!   

Meet Our Team

Meet Jacob...Jacob promises to give a kind head scratch and use a reassuring voice to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  

Jacob loves cats and dogs but has recently discovered he has a preference for felines.  His goal is to one day own a gray and white cat and call it "Appa" after Avatar the TV show.   Jacob loves the color purple, as you will see by the scrubs he wears.  

Jacob loves Harry Potter, specifically Hermione,  and video games.  He prefers "old school" video games to newer ones.  Jacob is currently in school for computer technology, so don't hesitate to ask him for help with your Smartphone when you are in for a visit!

Meet Gina...Gina promises to greet your pet with a reassuring head scratch. Her goal as your Practice Manager is to be here, there, and everywhere and to use her 21+ years of experience to make every client comfortable and each family pet feel like they are spending time with a friend.  Don't be surprised to see her helping your pet in the back, helping you check out in the front, or chatting with you in a room. 

Gina has one cat, one rambunctious son, and one very forgiving wife!  When not at work, she spends her spare time with family and friends.  She loves a good horror movie (and *nothing* scares her!), comedies with Melissa McCarthy, and watching Ohio State football.  Go Bucks!

Gina's favorite TV show is The Golden Girls and she absolutely loves Betty White. She calls Betty White a national treasure and considers Betty her spirit animal!

Meet Stephanie...Stephanie promises to greet you warmly and enthusiastically from the moment you walk in to the clinic until your visit ends.  

Stephanie loves seafood, specifically lobster and crab, fruits (except for tomatoes), the color purple, as well as comedies and old school horror movies.  Her favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds and her favorite movie is Zombieland- which combines both genres.  

Stephanie is a Pennsylvania transplant (although you could never tell because she is always in a coat!) and the only things she misses about the North are Hershey Park and Tasty Kakes.  **side note, bribes of Tasty Kakes will be accepted!**

Meet Lisa...Lisa is our most dedicated volunteer, coming almost every Tuesday and Thursday.  When not snuggling your puppies and kitties before and after surgery, she loves gardening and plants, sunrises and sunsets, and fishing with her hubby.  

Lisa hales from northern Maine and was reunited in 2014 with her high school sweetheart, whom she married!  She has two grown kids, 3 grands, 2 dogs, and 1 cat.  

Lisa likes cheesy movie musicals, her favorite being "Grease."  She and SCVC go together like "womp bomp a-looma, a womp bam boom!"

Meet Jesse... Jesse promises to care for your pet from the moment you walk in until your visit is complete.

Jesse loves all animals- even some bugs.  She doesn't discriminate (except for cockroaches!) Jesse likes arts and crafts, specifically DIY projects.  She likes to cook, bake bread, and play Solitare on her phone, even though she knows there are better games out there.  

Jesse is a self described "deep thinker", she could come up with a million questions over any topic.  She likes music and was a member of a folk/Americana band.

Sparky is our clinic mascot and he started out as many a young pup does.  As he grew up and made his way in the world Sparky met many dogs and cats that didn't receive proper medical care or didn't have homes where they were loved, and he wanted to be a part of the solution.  

Sparky joined the SCVC team in December of 2012 as the marketing specialist and these days gets out whenever he can to educate the public about all the wonderful services Spears Creek Veterinary Clinic provides. 

Meet Alex...Alex will always put your pet at ease with her calming voice and mannerisms.  As our licensed veterinary technician, she promises to make sure that you understand your visit from start to finish and leave satisfied and with a smile.

Alex loves singing and drawing.  She also really loves anything Disney-so much so that if you come in with a trivia question she is pretty sure she can't be stumped!  Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled, but she adores her Disney villains- with Ursula being her all time favorite.  

Alex has two cats and two dogs, and a horse that she loves to ride in her spare time.  She likes to walk around her house annoying her family by singing opera, but because she is so bubbly and has such an infectious laugh she gets away with it- as she will at the clinic if we ever hear her dulcet tones!

Masks optional. Curbside visits still available!

Meet Dawne...Dawne promises to walk your pet before surgery and cuddle your pet while it is waking up after surgery.   

Dawne is such a hard worker that it is possible you will see her one moment, blink your eyes, and she will be gone-because she just never stops!  If you don't see her inside the clinic, she is most assuredly making the outside beautiful.  She is an avid Christian and her favorite Bible verse is Eph 2:8-9.  

Dawne loves her grandson AJ, gardening, reading, and is a huge Carolina Gamecock fan.  Her favorite food is pizza and you will probably never see her without a Pepsi in hand. Dawne's mantra is "You have dogs to adore you and cats to ignore you to keep your ego in check."  Dawne has 1 dog- but 5 cats! 

Meet Madison... Although Madison hasn't been in the business as long as some, she is  so well-versed you wouldn't know it!   As your Lead Technician, Technician Manager, and Co-Practice Manager, she promises to make you feel comfortable and happy during your visit with us.  Madison equally loves every dog and cat that comes to the clinic and has a knack for remembering them all by name after their first visit!  

Madison is mom to 4 dogs, 6 cats and 2 goats Kobe and Birdie. She is the proud wife to David. Fun fact- they all live in a "tiny house"!    

Madison is the biggest Lord of the Rings nerd!  She is completely enamored with the fantastical reality of Middle-Earth.  She loves super heroes, with Batman being her favorite.  Coincidentally her favorite villain is his nemesis, the Joker.  If you look closely you will see Madison's cape - always used for good!

​​​​​​​Meet Gina...Gina will always embrace you and your pet as you walk in the door.  She promises to get you situated in a room as quickly as possible and should there be a wait she will chat with you like you are old friends. 

Gina is a West-coaster, now living the farm life with an assortment of furry creatures big and small.  She is a hippie at heart and loves Mamma Mia!,  James Bond (Sean Connery rules!), and she is a reality TV junkie. She especially loves Survivor and Boston Rob to whom she is sure she would be in an alliance with if she ever played!

This is Gina's 3rd career and coincidentally she shares it with her daughter, Madison. 

Meet Trudy...Trudy promises (despite being the newest member of the team), to treat you and your pets like you are old friends.

Trudy is a fiesty Cajun who is a world traveler.  She has 4 dogs and 2 kids and will literally dismantle her life to help others.  Trudy loves to hike, until she is in the middle of a hike and then she wonders what she was thinking!  But despite her disdain for bugs (especially spiders) she braves the path.  

Trudy is an avid Marvel fan. She has a love of Thor- not just because he is cute and Hulk because just like her, he is not afraid to show his strength!  

Meet Lauren...Lauren has been working with animals in some form or another since she could walk.  She is a dental goddess, our resident tooth fairy, and a stellar technician. 

In her free time, Lauren loves to read. Lauren also loves horses, dogs, and cats.  To prove it, she has a large crew of her own!  Lauren is also food motivated and can be bought with treats and goodies!! 

Lauren hates Facebook- almost as much as she hates sitting still. However, recently she caved, becoming a productive member of the social media world.  She has visited Scotland and Ireland and would love to go back some day. 

Meet Donielle...Donielle promises to greet you with a warm smile when she is up front and to treat your pet like her own when she is in the back.  

Donielle loves animals- particularly St. Bernard's, the Clemson Tigers, and the beach.  She is a retired Army vet (after serving 21 years) and is excited to begin her "second career".  

Donielle despises laziness, which is why you will never see her not working.  She also dislikes the dentist but can be tamed with a Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks.  (Hint Hint!!)