As your veterinarian, Dr. Wendy King is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible.  She is passionate and heartfelt about all animals from the tiniest creatures to the biggest of the farm animals to the animals still searching for their "furever" homes.  She promises to treat your pet like they are her own.

Dr. King is a 1996 graduate of the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine.  She is married to Dr. Charles King and has two step children. 

In addition to her work at SCVC, Dr. King also works at her home as the resident vet; tending to the goats, cattle, and chickens.  She spends her spare time tending to her vegetable garden, exercising, cooking, canning, and reading. 


​​​As your well-rounded receptionist, Gina will always embrace you and your pet as you walk in the door.  She promises to get you situated in a room as quickly as possible and should there be a wait she will chat with you like you are old friends. 

Gina is a West-coaster who now lives the farm life with an assortment of furry creatures big and small.  She is a hippie at heart and loves Mamma Mia!, Red Bull (it gives her wings!), James Bond (Sean Connery rules!), and she is a reality TV junkie. 

This is Gina's 3rd career and coincidentally she shares it with her daughter, Madison. 

As your capable technician and future veterinarian, Taylor is a pre-Vet student at Clemson University.  She started with SCVC as an ATECH student and has continued with the team ever since-even coming back during her college breaks.  

Taylor's love of animals first started with the Pit Bull breed and her desire to stand up for the well-being of all creatures inspired her to pursue a career in the veterinary field.  

She loves all outdoor activities, especially going to the lake and hiking.  Taylor has a pit bull, a lab mix, and fish but dreams of owning a bearded dragon.  Fun fact- she is a Type 7 on the Enneagram scale!   

921 Spears Creek Ct
Elgin, SC 29045


As your proficient, licensed veterinary technician, Alex will always put your pet at ease with her calming voice and mannerisms.  She promises to make sure that you understand your visit from start to finish and leave satisfied and with a smile.

Alex loves singing and drawing.  She also really loves anything Disney-so much so that if you come in with a trivia question she is pretty sure she can't be stumped!  Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled, but she adores her Disney villains- with Ursula being her all time favorite.  

Alex has two cats and two dogs, and a horse that she loves to ride in her spare time.  She likes to walk around her house annoying her family by singing opera, but because she is so bubbly and has such an infectious laugh she gets away with it- as she will at the clinic if we ever hear her dulcet tones!

As your knowledgeable, high energy technician, Lauren has been working with animals in some form or another since she could walk.  She is addicted to dentals and promises to keep your pet's smile clean and shiny!

In her free time, Lauren loves to read. Lauren also loves horses, dogs, and cats.  To prove it, she has a large crew of her own!  Lauren is also food motivated and can be bought with treats and goodies!! 

Lauren hates Facebook- almost as much as she hates sitting still.  She has visited Scotland and Ireland and would love to go back some day. 

As your veterinarian, Dr. JoJo Denton is a skillful surgeon and has worked in the veterinary field since 1975.  He promises to care for your pet from the moment they are prepped for surgery to the second they are back in your arms.

Dr. Denton is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and when he is not at SCVC, he can be found working as the primary veterinarian at the Kershaw County Humane Society.

In his spare time, Dr. Denton enjoys swimming in Lake Wateree and riding his Tennessee Walking Horse John Ray; followed by his four bird dogs. 

While JoJo enjoys a good bourbon, he is also a bit of a health nut, with some of his favorite foods being salad, nuts, and fruit. 

Meet Our Team

Each month Spears Creek Veterinary Clinic opens the doors to one South Carolina College of Pharmacy Student extern, one Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy Extern, and South University School of Pharmacy extern. Besides assisting with our pharmacy, the students learn various aspects of veterinary medicine, small business and marketing.

As your Practice Manager and skilled Lead Technician, Leigh promises to treat your pets with respect, even when they are nervous being at the vet's office. Leigh has 15+ years of experience working in the veterinary field.

She was born and raised in Kershaw County. She is madly in love with her husband, Brad-despite the fact that he is a Clemson Tiger and she is a Carolina Gamecock. Leigh has an adorable son and a beautiful daughter.  She also has three wonderful stepsons.

Leigh's daily household includes several dogs, cats, and rabbits. Leigh's hobbies include home improvement/DIY and being an archery and dance team mom.

As your dynamic lead receptionist, Gina promises to greet your pet with a reassuring head scratch. Her goal is to use her 17+ years of experience in reception and as a technician to make every client comfortable and each family pet feel like they are spending time with a friend. 

In her spare time, she loves going to the movies (preferably comedies with Melissa McCarthy!), hanging with friends, and watching Ohio State football.  Go Bucks!

Gina's favorite TV show is The Golden Girls and she absolutely loves Betty White. She considers Betty White her spirit animal. Gina lives with her wife and son!

As your talented technician and future veterinarian, Annie Kate has been with SCVC since 2014 and promises to greet your pet as if no time has passed, even when she has been away at Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine.  

Annie Kate loves Clemson and college football.  Her favorite dog breeds are the Bully breeds, particularly Pitties.  One of her favorite television shows is The Office.  Annie Kate likes to fish in her free time...which she rarely has.  She is obsessed with Harry Potter- so much so that she named her dog Harry.  

As your enthusiasticaly apt technician, Madison is relatively new to the business but is so well-versed you wouldn't know it!   She promises to make you feel comfortable and happy during your visit with us.

Madison is a proud mom to 4 dogs and 2 cats and the proud wife to David. Fun fact- they all live in a "tiny house"!  As an animal rights activist, Madison is a plant-based Vegan. 

Madison is the biggest Lord of the Rings nerd!  She is completely enamored with the fantastical reality of Middle-Earth.  She loves super heroes, with Batman being her favorite.  Coincidentally her favorite villain is his nemesis, the Joker.  If you look closely you will see Madison's cape - always used for good!